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    Global Innovation Together with Korea!

    Hitachi, Ltd. started business in Korea in 1962 in a form of the place of sojourn affiliated with Hitachi, Ltd. Fast-forward to October 2009, Hitachi Korea Ltd. was launched through the merger of Hitachi, Ltd’s three former organizations (Hitachi Railways Systems Korea Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd. Korea Branch, and Hitachi East Asia Ltd. Korea Branch).

    In 2012, Hitachi Korea marked its 50th anniversary since it started business as Hitachi Group in Korea. Hitachi Group extends heartfelt thanks to stakeholders in various circles in Korea for giving Hitachi

    Group the opportunity to be able to contribute to diverse fields such as economy, industries and society in Korea over a long period of time for almost half a century.

    As you can feel in your everyday lives, economy, society and technologies are changing at high speed. Once again, I am proud of Hitachi Group’s proposal and offering of diverse solutions to steadily growing

    Korean economy through such changes, and Korean business which is expanding its areas while playing an active role in all parts of the world.

    Hitachi Korea sincerely promises to continue its steady efforts to contribute to the Korean economy and industries more extensively with ‘Development of Social Innovation’ as a keyword by putting ‘One Hitachi’ into practice together with each company affiliated with Hitachi Group in Korea on the basis of the ‘Mission’ of ‘Contribution to Society through the Development of Excellent Independent Technologies and Products while displaying ‘Hitachi Business Start-up Values’, i.e. ‘Harmony’, ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Pioneering Spirit’ which have been inherited since the time of Hitachi business start-up

    41, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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