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  • HADO

    About Supplier

    Having established Korea’s first Research and Development Center that specializes in mixing technology, Hado Co., Ltd. has led the mixing industry by aiming the advanced mixing technology while developing impellers that offer superior mixing performance and researching multi-phase flow phenomena.
    Utilizing various purpose, diverse scaled equipment and industry leading technology, Hado R&D Center aims of improving the efficiency of customers’ mixing system and offering custom tailored services with diverse scaled equipment and advanced technology. If requested, Hado R&D Center also engages in co development projects with customers based on confidential agreements.

    Additionally, Hado R&D Center has been in close relationships with the Mixing Technology Laboratory of Satake Chemical Equipment MFG., Ltd. in Japan, who has had almost 100 years’ experience in mixing technology, and Sogang University in developing fundamental research and application technologies related to mixing technology using top research personnel and equipment.

    In the future, Hado R&D Center will strive to become a global mixing research center by contributing to the development of mixing technology and satisfying customers’ needs.

    95, Gajaeul-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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