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    In 1996 a collaboration was created between Gumyoung General and U.S. based Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corp. This aided in establishing Gumyoung General Co., Ltd as a pioneer in improving the elevator industry in the Korean market by introducing new and exciting developments in elevator safety (the “Rope GripperTM”).

    Along with the excellent reputations for quality and experience, the following safety certificates were acquired: 
    In: 2003 CSA-Canada, 2004 CE-Europe, 2005 TX-China, 2007 EX-Korea

    Gumyoung General is making an all-out effort to be known as a leading Korean Representative of high technology and quality elevator equipment. We are constantly exploring the global market to launch the “GYG ELEVATOR” brand in 2007 to become well recognized worldwide. 

    Please look over our products and remember our dedication to: 
    Safety and Comfortableness is our #1 Priority. & The Customer is Always First !

    336, Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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