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    Achieving excellence is always at the top of our minds at Green Pack. We have made ceaseless effort to being renowned leader in the field of automated weighing and packing machinery. That’s why we continue to reinvest in keeping our company on the cutting edge in the industry, by integrating leading customer service with advanced processes.

    Green Pack understands our customers exact count requirements, uptime, line demands and desire for higher yields. With this production expertise and enough experience in the field, our engineers design packaging equipment that is highly functional with an emphasis on ease of use, compact footprints, quick changeovers and extreme reliability.

    Green Pack offers our customers a wide selection of affordable packaging machinery and provides values in the systems offered through robustness of construction competitive pricing. Thus, they can operate in better working environment in addition to make sure that their projects meet their desired goals. Furthermore, our mission is to take our customer part in preserving our Nature and the Environment with our packaging machinery, with reduces energy usage and costs by increasing efficiency and minimizes waste. From unparalleled product quality to on-time delivery and satisfied customer service, Green Pack is committed to excellence.

    16-1, Bodojin-ro 30beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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