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    Forain is an Italian Company founded in 1975, by the two Ferrari brothers.

    At the beginning the company was operating only in Italy, but quickly expanded in the foreign market, as primary supplier of complete packages in Oil & Gas sector.

    Forain, with its 40 years of experience, study & research, is able to offer a qualified and professional engineering service.

    Our Company offers the best solution, either technical or economical, to any problem of Gas Treatment, Gas Metering and Gas Heating in compliance with the required international Standards.

    Either the fabrication of small vessels or the assembly of large plants are carried out in conformity with what is prescribed in the Company Quality Control Manual.

    The Quality System applied by Forain is in compliance with ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001.

    Thanks to high quality standards and specialized personnel, Forain is able to follow its customers from the birth of a project, in the development of related services and up to the on-site delivery of the turnkey system.

    FORAIN ITALIA Via G.B. Boeri, 11 20141 Milano

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