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  • EWS

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    Motion, speed, precision - this is the world of EWS. We call it “Precision meets Motion”, because we are aware of the importance of precision for the future of our customers and target markets.

    High quality requirements and great commitment for the optimum design of our products in both form and function are the main focus of our attention. For this purpose, we systematically invest in state-of-the-art production lines and develop methods for quality assurance in cooperation with external institutions. Our top performance in development and production is backed up by the high level of training of our staff members.

    Competence and reliability in our advisory services, our daily communication and project management - these are the core elements which convince our customers of our performance and services over and over again.

    +49-7161 93040-10
    +49-7161 93040-30
    EWS Weigele GmbH & Co. KG Maybachstr. 1 D-73066 Uhingen

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