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    Since DSK Machinery was established, we have successfully supplied large sized heavy duty machines that can make products for shipbuilding, nuclear power, wind power, power generation and steel industry. 
    Especially, the plano miller which can machine frame box, bed plate, and marine diesel engine block part in shipbuilding industry is one of our major products, and our R&D center who is having accumulated high technology and rich experience for a long time has produced highly productive and efficient machines based on German high technology.

    Over the past few decades, we have built our own technologies through constant mutual exchange with German partners, consultants and engineers. 
    On the basis of these technologies, we have been acknowledged with product value from our customers that our products are much creative and unequaled.

    DSK Machinery successfully supplied a 160 ton horizontal lathe in 2011 which was developed nationally first. 
    Currently, we are developing 350 ton heavy duty vertical turning and milling machine and roll grinder nationally first with POSCO.

    Our future plan is that we all together try to make a self-reliant economic structure by localization of the machines to break through current situation that depends upon only imported machines in heavy duty industry, power generation industry and steel industry, even though pay an enormous sum of money. We believe this effort results in a foundation of accompanied growth each other with creation of a synergy effect.
    Even now, we are discovering new items which are nearly or 100% dependant on import to examine possibility of development.

    86, Sandan 2-gil, Jinbuk-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

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