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    We, DENSTAR, integrated manufacturer of dental devices, have developed rapidly and are pursuing to be a leading company with accumulated ultramodern technology and strong financial basis, and with quality of global level, in spite of many difficulties and obstacles like IMF crisis and our short history, after establishment in 1996.

    We, DENSTAR, have variety of factors which will lead us to success in the future, including accumulated ultramodern technology, drastic investment, excellent human resources with expert training, and honest administration. 

    Now we, DENSTAR, are preparing ambitious plan to ‘jump to global market’ with resolution of re-starting from beginning. 

    For it, we are pursuing for maximization of customers’ profit by our development as one of the global leading companies through CONTINUOUS R&D, STRENTHENING OF OVERSEAS MARKETING, and ENDLESS REVOLUTION OF ADMINISTRATION. 

    Medical-related business will enrich the quality of life in the new 21C, 
    and We, DENSTAR, will be in the center of the dream. Please keep kind looking at our endless development. We appreciate your continuous love and encouragement. We will do our best to be a good partner of you, returning the profit which is being gained through our high technology to customers. 

    54, Maeyeo-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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