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    Daesung machinery


    Daesung machinery Co.,Ltd has been developing, producing and exporting multi-functional specialty system which are designed specially for automatic process of dry/cooling, transportation and sorting of powder /solid, recycle of food, chemical stuff & raw material.

    Our Company is has continued to invest in R&D to meet the strictest requirement of customers with advanced process of works from design to plant engineering. Dedication foraccumulated high technology, and focused on safety, stability sophisticated operation system have always been the trust of Daesung philosophy. Our goal is to be the global best Industry Company by making high quality products and to providing competitive value to satisfy our clients needs.

    334, Gongdan 1-daero, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    Granulation System

    Spray Granulation Utilizing Fluid Bed
    Pilot Fluidized Bed Dryer & Granulator

    Mill & Mixing System

    ACM(Air Classifying Mill)
    Pin Mill
    Hammer Mill & Atomizer Mill
    Roller Mill
    Fitz Mill

    Drying & Coiling System

    Stationary Fludized Bed Drying & Cooling
    Vibrating Fluidezed Bed Dryer System
    Vibro-vacuum Drying & Cooling Process
    Rubber Cooling & Drying Screen

    Vibrating Machine

    Twist Screen
    Ultrasonic Sieving
    Vibrating Screen
    DSEI Series
    Vibrating Feeder
    Magnetic Feeder
    DSMF-F/S Series
    Vibrating Conveyor
    DSBC Series
    Spiral Elevator
    DSSE Series

    Extruder System

    Extruder System
    Pelletizer / Basket Granulator / Pellet Mill

    Chemical Plant

    Heat Exchanger
    Fermenter & Drums
    Storage Tank & Silo
    Secondary Battery Ind
    Sludge Drying & Solidification System
    Waste Heat Recovery System