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    Daeil CST has been grown as a special manufacture industry that has produced soft PVC goods with various productive items about over 500 kinds, BOOTS attached part connecting BUS-BAR of high tension electric switchboard and PVC coating of protected tube connecting the electric earth conductor of ultrahigh voltage cable, various RUBBER PACKING, PVC COVER, PVC CAP including SiliconE Sleeve, PVC Sleeve for electric insulation and protection of auto-bicycle parts, automobile, electronic machinery & tools and various electronic products and PVC coating of various metal products since established in 1986.

    We strengthen the quality stability and reliability of product by obtaining a new design for practical use and registration of design of various products, approval of 94V-O, approval of UL/CSA 105℃ 600V, authentication of ISO/KS A 9001 quality system all the while.

    Our Daeil C S T makes a solemn promise to try consistently to develop and study for our company's products and development ability of all our staff members aiming at the best of this trade and will have done best to supply superior goods in unison and union of our members with business management of customer satisfaction.

    94, Sinheung-ro 437beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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