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  • D.H Tech

    About Supplier

    A Professional manufacturer of cooling tower water treatment system in the 21st century.

    It has been long that water, which had been affluent all the time, became an important resource. And it is true that water is a cause for the disputes for rights among nations and it has big influence on companies`s costs for production. Based on the business ideology of customers important and try tp render services to them.

    With the attitude of continuously changing and making efforts, all of our executives and staff produce and supply various models of products covering environment-friendly industrial/air-conditioning cooling towers and closed circuit type cooling towers with special specifications that can prevent white smoke and minimize any loss of drift, All the engineers of our new technical development research institute are doing our best to meet with customers' needs. Not satisfied with the current outcome, we produce water treatment systems, chemical dosing systems, and perpheral systems for water treatment which are directly related with the cooling tower systems, through which we stretch ourselves to a new leader specialized in the eenvironment of the 21st century. Our cooling circulation water sstems and cooling towers of low noise and high efficiency are working for local prominent companies including POSCO and overseas jobsites, dynamically contributing to the development of industries,

    We will do our best to open a new horizon of the environment industry based on the development of new technologies and the reliable management, We will always carefully listen to customers' excellent opinions so we wil go forward.

    20, Hwajeonsandan 6-ro 66beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

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