“We Create for you and We Bring Happiness for you”

    We, COWIN DST launched a manufacturing business with the hope that we would succeed in LCD & semiconductor industry.

    Now, as president of COWIN DST, I am honored to introduce our company, which has been built after overcoming many burdens.

    We are an employee owned with a company motto of “Co-Win” means, both COWIN DST and all of our customers win together in LCD & Semiconductor industry, which is highly competitive.

    While the circumstances and beginning were difficult and capital was not plentiful, we have preserved and built a strong company that is dedicated to satisfying our customers.

    COWIN DST has developed and manufactured laser repair system of LCD industry and back-end equipment of semiconductor industry necessary for implementing automatic system with high technology. Provide a world of possibilities to the LCD & Semiconductor industry, COWIN DST looks forward to supporting your high technology needs.

    77, Dongpyeon-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    LCD 장비

    Light Leakage Repair
    Cell Repair
    Module Repair
    Array Repair
    Laser CVD Repair
    Pad Pattern Repair
    Photomask Repair
    Laser Scribing

    자동화 장비

    3D Wafer Bonding
    Embedded PCB System
    In-line Packaging System
    Trim System
    Form / Singulation System
    Attachment System
    Detachment System
    Lamination System
    Dispensing System
    Laser Marking System