Clean Air Tech Co., Ltd. has been established with a great ambition to contribute to the formation of a clean and safe working environment by producing the best dust collector under the philosophy that "Clean and safe dust-free working environments are the foundation for individual health and stability of society."

    As a result of having strived for differentiated service in customer impression in addition to incessant research to produce the best dust collector based on such a philosophy of establishment, Clean Air Tech was able to become a competitive company among many companies that were preoccupying the market.

    At present, Clean Air Tech is exporting more than 100 diverse products to Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and Russia by developing independent technologies such as ultra nano filters and high efficiency filter dust removal devices, and has about 40 certifications such as patents, utility models, registration of designs, CE certifications and ISO certifications.

    Clean Air Tech promises to continue giving its utmost effort into giving customer impression that exceeds customer satisfaction through precise designing, strict quality control and thorough follow-up service, and to make more efforts in becoming more than the best in Korea; the world’s best environmental equipment manufacturer.

    97, Hwanggeum-ro 109beon-gil, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    Dust Collector

    집진기 (분진집진기)

    스마트 나노 집진기
    CAPM 612 ~ 828
    CAPU 100 ~ 2000
    CAPV 200R ~ 2000R
    CPF 50 ~ 1500
    CPFV 100R ~ 2000R
    이동식 에어펄스 집진기 (암 장착형)
    KF 200
    CPM 100 ~ 300
    CWD 100 ~ 300
    CCD 300
    CDFN 200 ~ 1000
    CRC 50 ~ 300
    CWC 200 ~ 500
    Wet Dust Collector
    CCF 60

    집진기 (퓸 집진기)

    CAPH 1000 ~ 2000
    이동식 에어펄스 집진기 (암 장착형)
    KF 200
    CF 200 ~ 500
    소형 납연 집진기
    UPC 260
    소형 퓸 제거기
    CS 20 ~ 200

    집진기 (오일미스트 집진기)

    CMC(E) 200 ~ 2000
    COMS 200
    전기 집진기
    CEP 30

    집진기 (유기화합물/악취 집진기)

    CODN 50 ~ 1000
    SAC 100 ~ 2000
    CFW 100

    집진기 (특수작업용 집진기)

    CACW 200 ~ 1000
    CCP 300 ~ 500
    CPWT 200 ~ 400
    CNDH 100
    소형 음압기
    CND 50


    Flexible Arm
    F 185

    대기환경플랜트 (함진가스(분진)집진기)

    Smart Nano Dust Collector
    SND Series
    Filtered Dust Collector (Bag Filter)
    CDC Series
    Nano Filtered Dust Collector
    CDN Series
    원형 섬유분진 집진기
    CFC Series
    Round Low Pressure Type Dust Collector
    CLB Series
    CYC Series
    Electric Dust Collector
    CEPB Series

    대기환경플랜트 (유기화합물/악취 집진기)

    Adsorption Tower
    CAC Series
    CTS Series
    CRT Series

    대기환경플랜트 (오일미스트 집진기)

    Oil Mist Dust Collector
    CMC Series