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  • Cheong Song industrial Machinery

    About Supplier

    Founded in 1991, Cheong Song industiral Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of welding auto.

    Currently, welding auto carriage is widely used in dockyards and construction sites in korea and abroad, and our company has supplied our products to many domestic and foreign companies as they have been recongnized of their efficiency, thus approved of their values.

    Our company has developed multi-functional welding carriage and digitally controlled welding auto carriage capable of horizontal and vertical welding , and vertical welding, and in their functions, we have enjoyed many praises from our customers with endless R7D such as convenient controls for users, reducting products` weight, etc.

    Our company has also received a certificate for enterprise annex reserachnsitute and is focusing on developing high-values products such as LWS(automatic welding robot for marks on ship), LNG carrier welding robot, etc.

    Also, our company is an advancing, growing company with visions that has received up to 40 certificates and patents including INNO-BIZ Certificate, Venture Enterprise Centificate, ISO Quality Management Certificate, CE Mark, Promising Small and Medium Enterprise for Export Certificate.

    We Sincerely appreciate for our customers` interests and encouragements so far, and give our words that we will meet our customers` expectations with the best technologies and quality services.

    62-129, Daedong-ro 962beon-gil, Daedong-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

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