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  • BHI

    About Supplier

    BHI is a global power plant equipment supplier which possess environmental-friendly and high-efficient technologies minimizing carbon emission and maximizing energy efficiency. We provide services for engineering, manufacturing, installing, and constructing autonomously based on global experiences, technologies, and professionals.
    BHI has started its business by manufacturing and supplying Recuperators, a heat recovery heat exchanger for steel plants. We have made persistent efforts to develop new products and improve capacity in order to gain customer satisfaction and high quality products.

    As a result, BHI today has achieved high recognition as a global leading company in the field of Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and Boiler. We are continuously creating a new future with the basis of challenge and growth.

    In the power plant field, we have established a technical partnership with Foster Wheeler and a strategic partnership with POSCO E&C. Through mutual cooperations, we will secure leading-edge technology and quality to gain competitiveness.

    Especially, in the HRSG area of combined cycle power plant, BHI has ranked 1st place in the domestic market and 2nd in the overseas market. We are now recognized as a "Global Leader" in the corresponding field by our clients and markets. Moreover, in the thermal power plant field, Boiler business (PC Boiler, Oil&Gas Boiler, CFBC Boiler) will boost up as a growth engine. With challenging spirit and strengths going beyond the limits, it will make our boilers a flagship product.

    In the steel manufacture field, we are partnering with POSCO, the world leading steel company. By this mutual cooperation program, we are engineering, manufacturing, and producing steel manufacturing facilities, waste heat boiler, and various waste recovery system in the world market.

    Especially, in 2007 BHI participated the FINEX equipment.

    With talented individuals and advanced technology, BHI will actively cope with drastic environmental changes and raise technical competition to become a "Global Leading Company" in the power plant industry.

    122, Jangbaek-Ro, Gunbuk-Myeon, Haman-Gun, Gyeongsangnam-Do, 52063 KOREA

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