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    ATEK solves your drive-engineering problems
    In a technically competent, economical, reliable and fast manner!

    ATEK offers a modularly structured product range that primarily comprises bevel gearboxes and worm gearboxes as well as the precision gearboxes which can be combined with modern servo-motors. ATEK’s angular gearboxes have a compact build, cover an extensive performance spectrum and enable a variety of possible step-up/down ratios.

    The ATEK standard series can partly be supplied within a matter of hours. Be it for application-specific drive train solutions for special machine construction or series products for general machine construction: The ATEK modular system leaves nothing to be desired. Our customers benefit from well-engineered drive train solutions, top-quality products and processes, established know-how and very reasonable value for money.

    Siemensstrasse 47 25462 Rellingen

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