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Since its establishment in 1955, Y & K Tech has been supplying the technology of the advanced countries in the domestic market, such as the wastage of concrete repair and reinforcement. We specialize in repairing and reinforcing concrete structure system, new technology, necessary equipments, polymer chemicals, grouting accessories, etc., and supply it to the market. We have developed the world's first real-time monitoring of grouting work process, remote monitoring of data, and endoscopic method. We have established a company-affiliated research institute to develop systematic technology development. We have developed a method for product by associating with equipment and chemicals which are developed and manufactured, and provide various information and materials to customers who use our company. We are constantly striving to create a foothold for export to the US and Southeast Asian markets through continuous overseas marketing (market development and participation in overseas exhibitions) and to open up more overseas markets. We obtained venture company and Innoviz technology certification from Small and Medium Business Administration. In order to create quality management and customer value, we will comply with KS and ISO 9001 requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of quality management system.

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