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Product Name Friction Tester
Model TO-170M
Series Testing for Film/Plastic
Product Description



ASTM D 1894, ISO 8294, etc.

Product Description

◇ This tester measures the coefficient of friction material (Coefficient Of Friction) of plastic films and sheets, paper, textiles, leather, tape, etc. Added constant load to specified superficies by standard, the maximum load is measured when specimens are moved horizontally. It is called the coefficient of friction. (μS:static) Also, in case of using the dedicated software, the average load in the time of moving, kinetic friction coefficient(μsS: kinetic) can be measured. And, to manage data is easy: graph analysis, conversion to excel, saving, output, etc.

◇ Manual system/ PC control system (Option : Sofrware)

◇ Testing method (Gradient method / Horizontal method)

TEST ONE Friction Tester TO-170M

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