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Product Name Mixing Roll Machine
Model TO-270
Series Testing for Rubber
Product Description


Application Field

Rubber, plastic, and a kind of compound

Product Description

◇ This tester is a product that creates specimens of sheet status by mixing various plastics, compound, and rubber.
   The surface of roller is smooth and durable, because the surface was polished after the process of high frequency
   induction heat treatment, hard chromium plating.

◇ By using heating system of silicone oil as a transfer, the temperature difference of roller was reduced, and it
   was equipped with high precision.

◇ By adopting various safety devices of reverse acting system and backflow prevention system, safety of the user is considered.

◇ Air Cooling Type / Water Cooling Type (Option)

◇ Oil Circulation/Chiller (Option)

TEST ONE Mixing Roll Machine TO-270

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