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Product Name 干燥器
Model TO-400D/450D/750D
Series Chamber
Product Description


Application Field

With an drying laboratory apparatus, sterilize specimen, water measurement ,material tests in constant temperature and
low or high temperature are possible.


ASTM D G26 ,ISO ,KS ,etc.

Product Description

PID Controller
By using Auto tuning controller, you can get high-temperature accuracy data, and high durability is guaranteed.
It has 10step-level program and repeat-test ;therefore, it was made for user`s convenience

Fan Motor
For using of dry and uniform distribution, the high-temperature and long test is guaranteed by low noise and non-vibration motor.

When user check the inside, user don`t have to open the door because you can see the inside on seeing-through window.
In addition, air-circulation system can prevent overheating.

Back-up Device
When a stoppage of electric power, you success to get collect machine history data at power return

Safety Device
This tester prevents irrational-overheating by Installed overheating-protector and overload-protector

Order Made
This tester is able to be installed for user`s experiment condition.(size, adjuster method , attached recorder,
N Gas Line of oxidation prevent of the structure and etc.)

TEST ONE Forced Convection Drying Oven TO-400D/450D/750D

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