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Product Name TELDA Energy System
Series TELDA Energy Solution
Product Description

TELDA TELDA Energy System

Solar PV power generation system 

Solar power generation system consists of PV module, inverter, and solar brackets. The system has wide range capacity. When we organize the system, installing a connection box makes a connection between module and inverter. Generally ,this system is able to generates for 3~5 hours a day


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Energy Storage System(ESS)

ESS(Energy Storage System) is made up of a storage battery, PCS(Power Control System). The system has a function of time moving generation, peak electricity control, electricity quality enhancement, and UPS(Urgent Power Service?) The capacity for a storage battery should be designed by usage pattern.

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Hybrid System (Solar, Wind, Battery)

Hybrid system is a combination system of solar PV and wind power, connected with a storage battery. This system is designed for various purposes, such as on and off grid power generation, grid tied power generation, and energy storage system, etc.


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Micro Grid System 

100w~500w solar PV micro system or micro ESS system are often installed for residential and commercial buildings as well as off grid power generation

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