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Product Name High Viscosity PR Pump
Model TP-60BA
Series Pump
Catalog High Viscosity PR Pump.pdf
Product Description

High Viscosity PR Pump
Model TP-60BA

- DC Servo motor pump for constant dispenses

- Separated Controller and Touch pad

- Touch Pad Can control up to 16 pumps

- Bubble trap for automatic bubble vents and PR charges

- Compact sized PR pump

- Bubble Reduction Function

- Edgeless Outer Type bellows and bubble trap technologies are applied for step dispenses

- Save Maintenance time
  · Easy Purge Function (bottle → buffer → nozzle)
  · Optimized buffer Tank

- Special Welding

- No Leak Point










Process Description
Maximum Dispense Volume 1.0cc~10.0cc
Dispense/Reload Rate 0.3cc/sec~1.2cc/sec
Dispense Volume Resolution 0.05cc
Dispense Repeatability ≤±0.05(2.2cp, 23℃)
Viscosity 50cp~10,000cp


Electrical Specification Description
Drive System Dc Servo Motor
Power Source Control Board : 24V/2A


Hardware Description
Input Pulse vs Dispense Volume 800 pulse/1cc
Resist In/Out 3/8 Inch Teflon
Input Pulse vs Encoder Output Pulse Full step-1:1
Weight Touch Pad 0.64kg
Pump 5.90kg


Touch Pad 140x44x88
Pump 72x339x296


1. The distance between the pump & the PR bottle must be less than 1.5meter

2. The filter installation may be possible under 200cP

3. In case of over 1.5meter & 200cP, Strongly recommended to discuss talon Tech Co.,Ltd






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