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Product Name Accessory
Model CS-99/M
Series Accessory
Product Description

– Converts DE9(male) to terminial block




CS-99/M is DE9(male) to 9 pin terminal block converter without any screws.

When using the serial communication in a variety of industrial equipment, sometimes it requires to use terminal block instead of d-sub connector. In this case the user would have to make a separate cable for the serial port.

CS-99 is a product designed to solve such inconvenience.



  Dimension (W x L x H)35 X 42 X 19 mm
  ConnectorDE9 male
Screwless Terminal Block 9 pin
  Power ConsumptionDE9: 250V/1.5A
Terminal Block: 150V/2A
  Recommended CableTerminal Block: 20 ~ 26 AWG


SystemBase  CS-99/M

Each pin is one to one correspondence from DE9 to terminal block.
*Attention: Pin 5 is connected to chassis ground.

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