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Product Name ZigZag
Model DPK-2/3
Series Sewing Machine
Catalog DPK-5.PDF
Product Description

High Speed, 1-Needle, Zigzag, Lock Stitch Sewing Machine



Model Application Max. sewing speed [spm] Stitch length [mm] Needle Motor Zigzag width [mm]] Lift of the presser foot [mm] Hook
Hand Knee Auto Drive type Position Size
DPK - 2 Medium 2,800 1.8~4.2 DPx5 #11 Clutch motor 5 8 - - Rotary Vertical -
DPK - 3 Heavy 2,500 1.8~6.4 DPx5 #14 Clutch motor 10 8 - - Rotary Vertical -


Improved zigzag adjustment: By adjusting the dial on the front of the machine, zigzag sewing alternation can be achieved.

Adopting noise and vibration reducing mechanism

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