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Product Name Medical equipment dryer
Model SKHP-5501NM
Series Medical Sterilizer
Product Description

Model NameSKHP-5601NM
Rated VoltageAC220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption620W
Capacitysize : 547×367mm (5 stages)
Structure and featuresHot air, UV, filter applied

"Cross-infection! It can be prevented."

In places vulnerable to infections like examination rooms, hospitalization rooms, or operating rooms, where contamination can occur through people or medical equipment, in-hospital cross-infection can be prevented with Sunkyung Industry's specialized medical sterilizer

Relieves worries of UV cross contamination, excellent odor removal by applying filters
This is a system that prevents cross-contamination by operating the UV lamp after drying medical equipment. Cross-contamination is prevented by using an ultraviolet sterilization lamp to prevent microorganisms contamination resulting from contact with medical equipment and workers.

Uniform hot air distribution and drying
Drying targets (medical equipment, hoses, feeding bags, etc.) in the chamber are dried inside and out using a hot air distribution method that is evenly distributed through a filter.

• Since drying does not work smoothly if hoses or feeding bags are bent, it is better done by hanging it on a cradle to transmit hot air to the inside, and the effect of quick drying can be seen.
• Hose, feeding bag rubber products are set at 50°C.

Timer Temperature Control
Digital timer enables a digitized temperature control for different product applications.

Safety Device - Bimetal
It uses a property of bending when heat is applied and controls the product according to temperature, and it keeps a specific temperature range. In case of overheat, the bimetal recognizes it in advance and stops the heater.

Minimum Operation Cost
The maintenance cost is minimal since UV lamp and other parts have a long life cycle and the cycle gets even longer with combination of built-in timer that automatically blocks the power after sterilization lowering electrical bill.

Stainless Steel 304 (STS304)
STS304 is a semi-permanent since it contains nickel which protects the unit from rust while it has an excellent heat resistance.

Electromagnetic Wave Block - Noise Filter
The noise filter equipped in the UV sterilizer removes or attenuates unnecessary electromagnetic waves to prevent electromagnetic interference and maintain electromagnetic suitability of the product.

Tempered Glass and Crevice Block
Tempered glass is made by blowing air to the glass surface after thermal processing of plate glass and quenching, which brings its bending strength 3 to 5 times stronger than that of ordinary glass, with an excellent thermal resistance. In addition, it blocks exposure of UV rays and prevents cracks using rubber packing.

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Medical Dryer

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