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Product Name Powder Coating Machine
Model TM-E70/E150P
Series Cable Instruments
Product Description

Sungmin Instruments Powder Coating Machine TM-E70/E150P

The Talc Master is a device used to evenly spread talc to facilitate separation of the outer sheath from inner sheath when you peel of the sheath of wire. 
The Talc Master is used before extrusion to spray Talc Powder to the Cable. 
The Dosing Jet Control function allows you to adjust the amount of spray in accordance with the line speed. 
The two level rider injector and the injection nozzle are used to pour out talc. 
To prevent the powder from scattering, a two level circulation filter is used for filtering.  

Sungmin Instruments Powder Coating Machine TM-E70/E150P 1

Talc Supply is an air device which is designed to supply talc powder to your equipment and prevent scattering of talc that is supplied. 
After being filled with the powder, this portable device can be moved and supply the powder to the Talc Master.  

Product Specs

Type Electrostatic powder application
Wire size(mm) 150mm Flat Max. 70
Fault alarm Blower,electrostatic,powder low
Talc powder control Dosage controller
Center high 950 ~ 1150mm
Compressor air supply 4kgf/㎠
Scattering check equip Ring blower
Heater 1.5KW Plate heater
Size 800X1850X850 800X1850X1200
Static electricity valtage 0~ 50/90KVDC
Power supply 220VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase 3KW
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