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Product Name Length Measuring Counter
Model LC-Series
Series Cable Instruments
Product Description

Sungmin Instruments Length Measuring Counter LC-Series

As the leading product in cable length measurement with high accuracy, the LM-Measuring Counter is very widely used in various cable manufacturing facilities around the world, and can be used with high speed cables and thick cables. 
It uses a belt pulley to maximize the contact area, which in turn minimizes all errors due to contact with the cables. 
The LC-5000 is a premium measurement instrument that has successfully minimized all errors from all measurement instruments.  

Sungmin Instruments Length Measuring Counter LC-Series 1

The LC-1000 Wheel Counter is the most widely used cable measurement instrument. 
To accurately measure length, it precisely processes the circumference of a wheel. 
To minimize surface slippage, it uses urethane coating. The upper wheel’s pressure is buffered: if a certain pressure limit is reached, then it will be pushed out to maintain the same pressure on the cable.  

Sungmin Instruments Length Measuring Counter LC-Series 2

The LC-2500H measurement instrument has a built in correction function with high precision to improve accuracy, and adjusts the measurement standard in accordance with environmental changes. 
It adopts high precision, high decomposition pulse types which can be easily connected to inkjet or marking machines for use. With the Preset 1 and Preset 2 functions, you can easily use alarms or interconnection signals.  

Product Specs

MODEL LC-500 LC-1000 LC-2500H LC-3000H LC-5000
Line center 1000±150mm 1000±150mm 1000±160mm 1000±120mm 1000
Roller Urethane/Hard coating Timing belt + ceramic belt
Measure Digital pulse input
Max.Diameter ∅ 0.1~10mm ∅ 5~150mm ∅ 5~100mm ∅ 2~20mm ∅ 10~80mm
Max.Line speed 1000mpm 100m/m 100m/m 200m/m 100m/m
Display 6 Digits LED display
Contact output 2 Preset contact 250v 5A resistive load
Meter pulse out     1Pulse /1m/3EA
Accuracy ± 0.1% ± 0.05%
Resolution 0.05% 0.02% (1 Pulse 5 ㎛)
Power supply 100 ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz
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