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Product Name PLC Base Low-Voltage Line Monitoring Equipment
Series Monitoring / Control
Product Description


This equipment is designed for efficient management of low voltage electric lines scattered in wide range areas. It is installed directly below current transformers or at the end of low voltage electric lines to detect electricity failure, line disconnection, and/or a cut in the line. This equipment detects these problems and automatically reports the information in real time to facility management personnel for rapid counteraction to prevent property damage and injury caused by electricity failure, electric line deterioration, lightning, and/or vandalism. 


Songam Syscom PLC Base Low-Voltage Line Monitoring Equipment


• Power supply : AC220V and/or AC380V

• Communication module : CDMA/PLC

• Reporting method : Voice reporting using SMS

• Exterior interface : Siren and flashing light during alarm signal

• Interface : RS-232 x 1 port

• Battery : 12V 1.2AH (Operational for 2hrs minimum after electricity failure)

Main Function

• Monitoring electricity failure and line disconnection

• Self-diagnosis function : monitors CDMA signal reception level, whether the equipment door is open, status of battery, and other abnormalities

• Sounding of an alarm and/or siren : At detection of a problem or an abnormality to the equipment



• Low-voltage electric line disconnection detection

• Theft prevention of low voltage electric lines at building development sites

• Theft prevention of low voltage electric lines used for temporary power

• Theft prevention of underground high voltage cables

• Theft prevention of high-voltage processing neutral wires

• Agriculture/fish farms or any establishments that may experience significant damage from an electricity failure

• Facilities where electricity status(AMR) / security system (crime/disaster prevention) and remote

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