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Product Name Automatic Black-out Alarm System (ABAS)
Series Monitoring / Control
Product Description


ABAS(Automatic Black-Out Alarm System) detects power-outage in equipments used in facilities in farming and fishing communities, which can result in change in temperature and decrease in oxygen supply, among other things that can lead to significant monetary damages in farms. In case of a power outage, agricultural equipments installed with ABAS will contact and alert up to ten(10) prerecorded phone numbers(landline and mobile) with a voice message. In addition to detecting power-failures, the ABAS can also detect temperature, humidity, and other environmental changes and minimize potential damages caused by delay reaction to such situations.
ABAS can also used to assist and safely manage the power-source of large apartment complexes that can minimize expected huge damages from a power-outage.


Songam Syscom Automatic Black-out Alarm System (ABAS)



• Possible telecommunication pathways for this product are PSTN, CDMA, GSM, and PLC(Power Line Communication)

• Adaptable with both single-phase current and three-phase current. When used with a three-phone current, ABAS detects frost in addition to power failure.

• In case of a power-outage, ABAS can detect and notify the location of the problem source with respect to the equipment installed with ABAS, and distinguish the problem as either a primary(commercial power provider) or a secondary(user) problem.

• Since ABAS uses a voice recording, the alarm message can be both sent to mobile phones and typical landline phones used in households or offices.

• ABAS stores up to ten(10) phone numbers, which increases the effectiveness of the alarm message being relayed to the people of concern.

• ABAS stores the events and can download to analyze the problems.

• A built-in auto-diagnosis function for the battery and the equipment

• A built-in prevention circuit in case of surge and/or electrical problems

• Optional : 

  - SMS transmission and equipment management through NMS is available

  - Temperature managemnet, humidity management and crime prevention functions available 

Songam Syscom Automatic Black-out Alarm System (ABAS)  1




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