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Product Name Digital Voice Recording System (VOREC)
Series Monitoring / Control
Product Description


VOREC is applicable to various fields such as call center, TM center, and construction of large recording systems based on client/sever with WAN. VOREC is used in finace, e-commerce, SOHO, electric companies, military bases, police departments and fire departments.



• Excellent audio quality from digital voice recording

• Supports various voice detection (SMDI, HOOK, switch contact point)

• Supports large storage (1st and 2nd storage – HDD, 3rd storage Flash Memory / DVD-RAM)

• Real-time remote status monitoring & security features

• Convenient GUI administration and report (email & SMS)



• CPU : Above Pentiem4 3GHz

• OS : Windows XP

• Memory : Above 1GB

• HDD : 250GB

• LAN : 10/100 Base-T Ethernet(RJ45)

• Voice Channels : 4/8/16/24 Channels (Module Type)

• Compression : TrueSpeech

• Recording : Hook, Switch, SMDI, Voice detection, at all times (Input : Analog)

• Sampling Frequency : Above ADPCM /8KHz, G7231

• Storage : Over 10,000 hours (416days)     /    Recording Capacity : 216GB(6Kbyte/sec)

• Back-up : DVD-RAM 9.4GB

• Power : AC 110~220V, DC48V

• Dimension : W482 x H88.4 x D441 (mm)

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