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Product Name Protective Information Transmitter and Receiver (PITR)
Series Power Electronics
Product Description


PITR(Protective Information Transmitter) and Receiver is a necessary equipment in transmitting and receiving protective information between relay systems in substations. PITR uses optical cable and digital microwave circuit pathways to protect the power-transmission line. PITR multiplies and transmits different types of information with high reliability including audio information in form of T-1(1.544Mbps). PITR was designed and perfected through numerous technological advancements. It contains various useful features and provides high level of electrical quality.


• Transmits Full Duplex method of synchronized data.

• Transmits information faster and more dependably than typical analog method because the data is transmitted digitally.

• Communication network in organized in the Point to Point type format.

• All external interfaces are adaptable to EMI/RFI and Surge that is within ANSI/IEEE

• Compatible with various relay module of other manufacturers.

• Two separate power sources in case of an emergency power failure

• Automatic switch to back-up power during power failure of primary source and automatic switch back to primary power once the problem is solved (without affecting normal operation).

• PUTT/BFP connection possible.

• The management program of PITR was designed using GUI to minimize the level of difficulty of operation PITR.

• Can monitor status and perform repairs of PITR through PC connection (LAN and Serial connections are used) and store alarm messages andTime of occurrence.

• Easy to analyze signal history because it is synchronized with all eventsIn real time.

• T1 Link Interface that is different than standard connection ITU-T G.703

• 64kbps channel unit with TSI setting function.

• DS1 and optical cable connection (1300nm LD and LED).

• PUTT/BFP connection possible.

• DC 125V and/or 48V used.

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