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Product Name
Model CS10
Series Kamglide Wear Ring
Catalog Kamglide BUSH.pdf
Product Description



 KAMGLIDE composite bearings(Wear rings) are composite materials with thermosetting resin impregnated with fabric and have excellent strength and durability compared with general thermoplastic materials. The characteristics of KAMGLIDE appear depending on the combination of different resins and fabrics with high strength and high thermal resistance. In addition, glass fibers are used for products that require special strength, and solid lubricants such as PTFE and graphite can be optionally added which is suitable for higher load and speed.

■ Material structure Synthetic fiber-reinforced phenolic composites

■ Features High load-carrying capacity, good underwater performance, impact strength and chemical resistance

■ Application Piston, Rod (hydraulic cylinder)

■ Availability O.D. 20~350 mm

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