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Product Name [STD] Solg™ Taq DNA Polymerase (Amplification)
Series Research Reagents (PCR)
Product Description

[STD] Solg™ Taq DNA Polymerase

The basic Taq DNA Polymerase

General PCR / Routine PCR

Amplicon size : ~ 5 kb

Solg™ Taq DNA polymerase provides high quality and high value in terms of cost per unit. The product is Recommended to use of general PCR amplification which specially required high purity and quality. You may modify the amount of template, extension time, annealing temperature, amount of Taq DNA polymerase, the number of PCR cycle, and amount of 5X Band Doctor™ according to the target size, primer’s Tm and the type of templates for amplification.


Thermus aquaticus
Amplicon size~ 5 kb
Hot start activityNo
5’→ 3’ exonuclease activityYes3’A or Blunt ends3’A
3’→ 5’ exonuclease activit yNoError rate12-13 bp error / 10⁶ bp


- General PCR , TA cloning, Colony PCR

Citation & Papers

Kim SR, Yang JI,

et al., Rice OGR1 encodes a pentatricopeptide repeat-DYW protein and is essential for RNA editing in mitochondria, The Plant Journal, 59 : 738–749, 2009

Min JH, Kim JH,

et al., Functional integration of DNA purification and concentration into a real time micro-PCR chip, Lab on a Chip, 11 : 259-265, 2011

Cheong KH, Yi DK,

et al., Gold nanoparticles for one step DNA extraction and real-time PCR of pathogens in a single chamber, Lab on a Chip, 5 : 810-3, 2008


FormatProduct ImageContentsStorage & Expiry date

Solg ™ Taq DNA Polymerase (5 U/㎕)
10X Taq Reaction Buffer (25 mM MgCl₂ mixed)
10 mM dNTP Mix
5X Band Doctor™
-20 ℃ 보관 시 2년 3개월
Smart mix

2X Taq PCR Smart mix-20 ℃ 보관 시 1년 6개월
2X Taq PCR Pre-Mix-20 ℃ 보관 시 1년 6개월

Ordering information

FormatCat. No.ProductSizePrice(won)

STD16-R500Solg ™ Taq DNA Polymerase500 U
(400 reaction)
STD16-R25hSolg ™ Taq DNA Polymerase2,500 U
(500 U x 5 ea)
STD16-R50hSolg ™ Taq DNA Polymerase5,000 U
(500 U x 10 ea)
STD26-R500Solg ™ Taq DNA Polymerase with 10X Taq Reaction Buffer
(Mg-free), 25 mM MgCl₂
500 U-
STD66-R500Solg ™ Taq DNA Polymerase with 10 mM dNTP (U) Mix500 U-

Smart mix
STD01-M50hSolg ™ 2X Taq PCR Smart mix 1, with dye1 ㎖ x 5 ea
(200 reaction)
STD02-M50hSolg ™ 2X Taq PCR Smart mix 2 (0.5X B and Doctor), with dye1 ㎖ x 5 ea-

STD02-P096Solg ™ 2X Taq PCR Pr e-Mix (0.5X B and D octor), with dy e,
total volume 30 ㎕ r eaction
96 tube
(8 strip x 12 ea)
STD02-P288Solg ™ 2X Taq PCR Pr e-Mix (0.5X B and D octor), with dy e,
total volume 30 ㎕ r eaction
288 tube
(8 strip x 36 ea)
STD02-P576Solg ™ 2X Taq PCR Pr e-Mix (0.5X B and D octor), with dy e,
total volume 30 ㎕ r eaction
576 tube
(8 strip x 72 ea)

Single item
STD22-B50hSolg ™ 10X Taq Reaction Buffer1 ㎖ x 5 ea
(1,000 reaction)
STD10-B50hSolg ™ 10X Taq Reaction Buffer (Mg-free)1 ㎖ x 5 ea-

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