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Creation of value new in the 21st century is, which started in digital one.

It is manufactured, edited and used in digital one and all the images containing the medical image are new value. Precedence acquisition of, information and the idea to create is carried out, and change of a market is coped with actively (it is early and), which can be located on the center of a new change when coming out A Sitec Medical is, which is going to challenge the center of time change which changes suddenly in this way. System which coordinated general and fluoroscopy which carried out the foundation to the digital medical image, a blood vessel, special-effects equipment, and this Digital medical image relation Total Solution, such as integration and Network, and Commucation, to offer all the information concerning individual health, medical treatment, and welfare-an individual-everybody-always-always-anywhere. It approaches and is going to make it use useful Moreover, it is a movement, test-of-physical-strength-and-fitness equipment, and overweight medical treatment term in order that it may be helpful to national healthy welfare, which is completing and marketing development and manufacture Sitec Medical government official all the persons concerned challenge change of a new time without fear.

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