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At Sigetronics, the core business arena consists of special semiconductor devices and materials utilizing Si, SiGe and compound semiconductors. The products developed and supplied by Sigetronics will be used to construct various telecommunication modules, terminals, systems, and infra structures. These products will play a vital role as the base of information and telecommunication society.

Now the world is emphasizing human life and green environment beyond a society of information and telecommunications. The definition for being and the social responsibility of Sigetronics is originated from the questions: “why does both human life and green environment surge as the key issue? And how should the world change during the forthcoming ten to thirty years to make historical improvements?”

Recognition is the reason for the being of Sigetronics, and it also provides an opportunity for changes. Regardless of periodic unstableness, local unbalance, and certain drawbacks, it is clear that the advanced science and technology have expanded the horizon of recognition. As a result of the expansion, freedom and rightness enriched civilization as well as precipitated an endeavor for a welfare society.

Sigetronics is a start-up company focusing on special semiconductor devices and materials. The company desperately wishes to become a world-class enterprise in the field of semiconductor business in the future. Sigetronics contributes to human beings by establishing a welfare society holding life and environment in esteem. Sigetronics incubates a faith of sharing and enriching wealth, which is necessary to work for mutual benefits in operating business and trades. While we accomplish such goals and conduct businesses, our priority will be being “A Company of Faith and Modesty”.

Again, Sigetroincs will become a company to which everyone gives compliments as if looking at a beautiful rose blooming in a well-formed garden. It is widely believed that the passion and dispersing aroma immersed in a red-colored flower conveys real happiness. Likewise, Sigetronics will take every employee filled with passion, and give words to be responsible until customers may feel happiness over satisfaction.

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