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Product Name Water Tight Bulkhead glands optical
Series Underwater Cable & Connector
Product Description

These connector assemblies are comprised of metal bodied connectore shells, which contain sealed optical (fibre optic) contact assemblies. They are designed to fit "Standard" bulkhead penetrator gland houseings, using standard sealing and restraining parts.

The connectors are suitable for dry mating only, although they are reasonably tolerant of moisture while open faced. The connector shells seal relatice to each other using a replaceable O-ring seal. As both mating connectors are internally sealed, secondary sealing is provided. The assembly is sealed for general environmental protection using cable glands for the cables and internal gel potting to support the optical fibres. (fiber optic)   
The construction is designed to withstand the emergency operational pressures with the connector halves wither mated or seperated, providing the penetrator part remains fitted in the penetrator housing.
Multi-mode and / or single mode versions are available if required. Machined metals faces, along with a metal key and slot for orientation control the engagement of the bodies. The coupling ring is fully tightened at the factory and fixed with security grub screws.

A tubular spanner is provided so that the connectors can be separated and connected with the bulkhead seal remaining intact. During such disconnection, the security grub-screws will be sheared and will not provide security against vibration or tampering. Tightening the coupling ring firmly should prevent slackening in the operation. Note that slackening will not affect sealing integrity, although optical performance could be affected.

Junction boxes can be supplied, if required, providing a protected enclosure for connector couplings or for fusion splices. The junction boxes can be supplied with a variety of cable breakout glands, and include cable management fittings. 


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