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Shinwoo Power Technology co., ltd is established in 1988. The company devoted only in Electric power supply system manufacturing. It supplied its power supply system to many Korean companies including companies in Samsung group, LG group. Its product was exported to more than 20 countries worldwide. It became Korean agent of U.S. Company, AeroVironment Inc., PosiCharge Inc. Now the company has grown to be a total supplier of electric power supply equipment.

Shinwoo Power Technology co., ltd has accumulated various experience by acquiring diversified technological know-how through its system installation in almost all market segments. Its electric power design capability and systematic production line has made its customers perform their business effectively.

Shinwoo Power Technology co., ltd has 32 people working diligently to satisfy the customers by providing economic and effective power system with high class service to the customers. That is its way of getting confidence from its customers.

Shinwoo Power Technology co., ltd will continue its effort to level up its technology and service by expanding its investment in research and development and cooperating with over sea’s companies who have advanced technology. By this way, based upon the most advanced technology, the company will continue to grow to be the first class electric power supply company.

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