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Product Name Pulse divider
Series Signal Convertor
Catalog SHN-PDC.pdf
Product Description

SHN-PDC is in use of converting the pulse input signal into electrically different output signal transmitting in a state of isolation.
• Isolation of field pulse signals in order to reduce noises.
• Input frequency into divided output frequency.
• Uniform output waveform.
• Positive displacement flowmeters or turbine flowmeters.
• Converting dry contact pulse signals from a rotating machine into an engineering unit.
• Magnetic tachometers.
• Proximity switches.
• Oval flowmeters.
• Contains overvoltage protection circuit.
• Selecting power voltage AC 110V/220V converting S/W is located in the interior of the set, When you converting the voltage, convert the S/W in socket PCB.


PULSE, Signal Convertor

Signal Convertor