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Product Name Engine Control System (KC-102)
Model A102
Series Kings Marine
Product Description

KC-102 (Engine propulsion controller)
KC-102 is good in durability with digital position sensor, and it is able to adjust wire’s operating distance and location easily by digital function. Also it can be switched manual driving easily in emergency situation by pulling and screwing two manual knobs.
KC-102 is consist of Control head (H102), and Actuator (A102).

  ● Power: DC24V

  ● Communication: CAN BUS

  ● Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃

  ● Comfortable grib & easy control

  ● Easy to install and test

  ● Error indicating (FND Display, Alarm)

  ● Emergency manual handle

  ● Max 4 stations

  ● Single/Twin Engine Control

  ● Digital adjustment stroke location & operating distance

     - Throttle wire operating distance: 75mm

     - Clutch wire operating distance: Forward: 37mm / Reverse: 37mm

  ● Size

     - H102: 173mm(W) * 240mm(H) * 271mm(D)
     - A102: 350mm(W) * 410mm(H) * 130mm(D)



SEWHA CNM Engine Control System (KC-102) A102

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