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Product Name Air Optimizer
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Servan air optimizer is installed within the air handling unit, without any additional space, to save energy usage.
It improves coil efficiency by distributing uniform airflow temperature, and increases heat exchange efficiency by generating turbulence.
Servan’s patented-technology applied air optimizer is eco-friendly device that can improve energy efficiency of an air handling unit.



1) Provides uniform air speed
– Prevents damage and vibration in the filter
– Uniform airflow distribution throughout the filter
improves heat exchange efficiency

2) Provides uniform air temperature
– Prevents temperature stratification and freeze of coil
– Uniform temperature distribution throughout the filter
Improves air conditioning efficiency

3) Minimizes pressure loss with
– Optimized angles for airflow paths
– Minimized closed paths

4) Maintenance / replacement friendly
– fixed type : does not require maintenance
– No additional space required for installation


Air temperature distribution

SERVAN Air Optimizer


Airflow turbulence distribution

SERVAN Air Optimizer  1

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