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Product Name For Heating element
Series PTC Thermistor
Product Description

PTC Thermistor for Heating element

Designed for use as self-limiting heater elements


■ Sharply providing the designated electrical heat
■ Stable and long life time
■ Available for the shapes of Disk, Bar and Ring type 
■ RoHS compliant

Technical Range

Surface temperature 60℃ ~ 280℃
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ 200℃
Rated reistance 1.0ohm ~ 3,000ohm
Withstanding voltage 30V ~ 700V



■ Automotive - Diesel Fuel Heater, Air Pre-Heater,EV Main heater 
■ Thermal protector - Bimetal heater
■ Washing machine, Food Warmer
■ Curling iron, Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener
■ Aroma heater, Mosquito Killer, Hot melt glue gun

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