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Product Name Epoxy Coated Thermistor
Series NTC Thermistor
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Product Description

Epoxy Coated Thermistor

NTC Thermistor with epoxy coated chip and copper leads


■ Excellent endurance against thermal shock
■ Wide range of resistance & B-value with high accuracy
■ Epoxy coating for hermeticity from environment
■ Suitable for variable shape of sensor assembly
■ Avaliable for custom size and wire configuration
■ RoHS Complaint


Technical Range

Operating temperature range -40 ~ 125°C
Temperature accuracy Tolerances ±1°C, ±2°C, ±3°C
Resistance range at 25℃ 0.1 ~ 1,000kΩ
Resistance Tolerances ±1%, ±2%, ±3%, ±5%, Special
Dissipation constant 0.5 ~ 1.0mW/°C



■ Ambient temperature sensing, control and compensation

■ Automotive for temperature monitoring, controlling & Management

■ HVAC & White goods applications

■ Industrial Instrumentation

■ Medical & Chemical Industry


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