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Product Name Fixed / Radio-based Gas Detector
Model SL-101
Series Gas Detector
Product Description

Radio-based gas detector : SL-101

ㆍDevice description

SL-101 is a fixed gas detector installed in a place where potential gas hazard exists to measure oxygen, toxic gas and combustible gas. It hows not only the concentration of gas but also iagnostic result of the unit itself through the LCD display and can be connected to the controller with RF commucation wirelessly.

ㆍMajor Applications

Steelworks, petrochemical, refining, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment plants and septic, mining, power, carriers, tanks, confined space work area


SENKO Fixed / Radio-based Gas Detector SL-101

SENKO Fixed / Radio-based Gas Detector SL-101 1

01. Easy Installation/removal because no wiring works are required
02. Economic system which doesn’t require any wiring construction
03. Water/Dust proof structure
04. Same functions with Fixed Gas Detector working with wiring electrical power source
05. Tracking is possible with its own address
06. Maintenance and Replacement are simple

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