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Product Name Reel taping Inspection Machine
Model SM-RTI2000
Series Process Improvement System
Product Description

Product Description

Carrier tape dimensions and surface defects that occur saengsanjung detection equipment is for.  


Model SM - RTI2000
Application Width 8 - 44 mm
Length 540 mm
Thickness 0.2 - 0.6 mm
Object Embossed Carrier Tape
Material Antistatic , Conductive PS
Vision Inspection Method Vision
RMK One Step Inspection
Result of Inspection Print Out
Processing Visual C , Window base
Speed 0.5 sec/3 pocket
Feeding Reel to Reel
Other Dimension

760mmW , 1180 mmD , 1546 mmH

Weight 400 Kg
Power 220V AC 3-P 60Hz , 10KW
Air 5~7 kg , 100 NL/min



- Dimensional measurement and surface defect inspection performed simultaneously 
- Displays a variety of tests and test reproducibility realized 
- (Itemized for the resulting image, real-time numerical display) 
- Pocket Size (Tape Width, Height) 
- Hole Distance (poketgan Street, poketnae HOLE location) 
- Surface defects: protrusion, bupuleum, jjitgim, debris

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