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Product Name Vacuum Mixer
Model SW-K100
Series Dough Mixer
Product Description

 - Vacuum pressure gets rid of bubbles in the dough and strengthen elasticity of gluten that the taste is mild and chewy. 
 - It doesnt cause heat with low-speed vacuum method that it is possible maintenance of good condition of dough and ideal dough for extracting with increased density can be possible.
 - Molding of dough can be possible even with strengthen of gluten and high hydrolysis rate and dumpling skin dont get fragile in production process and dont get thinner and soger in long boiling

 Type : SW-K100 
 Size : W1000 X L1650 X H1650 
 Volume : 2포/BATCH 
 R.P.M : 58RPM/分
Voltage : 220V/380V 60HZ 2.2Kw 

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