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Product Name Automatic Screw Dumpling Molding M.C
Model SW-K2000
Series Dumpling Molding Machine
Product Description

▣SK-K2000 Features
 - Small establishment area, It can produce all required dumpling putting dumpling stuffing and dough.
 - Thanks to the first screw double pressure method, automatic screw dumpling molding machine can produce ideal dumpling skin with increased density.
 - Rugged dumpling stuffing can be used.
 - Various kinds or dumpling can be made with simple change of the mold unit.
 - Easy manipulation of the machine with the latest inverter digital control method.

 Size : W680 × L900 × H2120 
 Voltage : 220V 60㎐/50㎐ 3Pole 
 dumpling weight : 6g ~ 120g 
 Capability : 15,000PCS ~ 25,000/HR 
 M.C. weigh : 450 ㎏ 
Item : large-size dumpling, dumpling served in soup, fried dumpling, hand-made dumping, etc.
 Range : dumpling producing factory, dumpling franchise restaurant, large-sized restaurant 

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