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Product Name Control Panel
Model SICON-2001Ci
Series Control Panel
Product Description

SICON-2001Ci is an ultra-modern elevator control system. It can implement the best control by merging the control system and inverter into one board. SICON-2001Ci adopts the 'dispersion control' method, in which data communication berween the hall Indicators and Car Top Junction Box, is controlled by two Microprocessors and one DSP.

 SICON-2001Ci will be very easy to install and convenient to maintain under the support of portable mini-console(OPP-2000). 


- Power : 3-Phase 220V/380V/415V/440V 

- Frequency : 50/60Hz 

- Nos. of Stop : 40 Stops

- Control Type : Rope type (Inverter) 

- Speed Reduction : Encoder(500~4096Pulse)

- Display : Segment/Dot Matrix. 

- Usage : Passenger 


- Control system and inverter are merged into one board. 

- Implement 'Creepless' and 'Running Open' functions. 

- All jobs will be using equal quantity of wires, regardless of number of landings and floor height. 

- Easy to install and convenient to maintain by using OPP-2000 and Remote Control System. -

- Support 'Auto Tuning' feature for the motor. 

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