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Product Name Cross Lapper (Horizontal)
Model SHCH 2400 ~ 6000
Series Non-woven Machine
Product Description

▶ Machine Structure
• The traverse unit is driven by the timing belt, not chain, in order to minimize vibration and noise. 
• Antistatic urethane belt or mesh belt is used as feed conveyor belt, so that disarrangement or expansion of web is minimized during movement. 
• A servo motor is used as traverse driving motor, so that uniform web density can be obtained at high or low speed. 
• Laying width can be adjusted easily by a switch. 
• The height of the lower floor conveyor can be adjusted according to the thickness of web, in order to prevent disarrangement of web. 


▶ Motors

• Elevtor(web feeding) motor    • Traverse(Web laying) motor 
• Floor conveyor motor          • Clutch 


 ▶ Conveyors

• Elevator conveyor width:60, 70, 80, 100inch 
• Floor conveyor width (laying width):2400~6000mm 

SAMHWA MACHINERY Cross Lapper (Horizontal) SHCH 2400 ~ 6000