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Product Name CARPER-CCD 325
Series Wheel Alignment System
Catalog CARPER-CCD 325.pdf
Product Description

• Prompt & precise alignment with 8 CCD image sensors of high accuracy
• Wireless communication with "Bluetooth" (In the emergency, it can be used for wire communication) 
• Exclusively designed sensor head for Truck & Bus
• In addition to 19" LCD monitor, 17" LCD monitor is equipped inside cabinet
• Measured in drive position, no lifting necessary
• Special filter minizes disturbance from the light
• Customer data can be saved to USB or Floppy disk
• Electric level sensors on each measuring head
• Electric level sensors on each measuring head with display on screen
• Instruction for advanced inspection & analysis of vehicles status for reference
• Vehicle diagnostic program (Axle-offset, Side-offset, Difference of wheel base and track)
• Measurement and adjustment for selected item is available
• Self-diagnosis to inform the operation or malfunction of unit.

Samhong Engineering CARPER-CCD 325


Computer systemIntel Pentium4
Sensor 4Heads-8Toes, 8 CCD image sensors
Operating systemWindows XP
Monitor19" LCD monitor & 17" monitor(Inside cabinet)
Printing deviceDeskjet printer
Wheel clamps19" ~ 26"
Measuring precisionSetback0.01 degree
Toe0.01 degree
Caster0.02 degree
Camber0.02 degree
Measuring rangeSetback±2.0 degree
Total Toe±50mm
Caster±18.0 degree
Camber±10 degree
Transmission wayBoth wires or wireless communication
Rated voltage100 - 240v, 50/60Hz
Rated Power250W

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