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Product Name CARPER-CCD 525
Series Wheel Alignment System
Catalog CARPER-CCD 525.pdf
Product Description

• Precise measurement by using 8 CCD image sensors
• Easy operating program for user convenience
• Special filter prevents sunbeam obstacles during measurement
• Functions to save customer s data to USB or Floppy disk
• Measure and adjustment for selected item is available
• Electronic level sensors on each head minimized difference of measurement
• Special function for compensation & measurement in case of the front &
 rear seback is blocked - Spoiler
• Instruction for advanced inspection & analysis of vehicles status as reference
• Show the simulation of adjustment by 3D dynamic image
• Program for elevated adjustment of CASTER

Samhong Engineering CARPER-CCD 525


Computer systemIntel Pentium4
Sensor4Heads, 8 CCD image sensor
Operating systemWindows XP
Monitor 17" LCD monitor
Printing deviceDeskjet printer
Wheel clamps 4-point clamps
11" - 22" range
Measuring precisionSetback0.01 degree
Toe0.01 degree
Caster0.02 degree
Camber0.02 degree
Measuring rangeSetback±2.0 degree
Total Toe±50mm
Caster±18.0 degree
Camber±8 degree
Transmission wayBoth wires or wireless communication
Rated voltage100 - 240v, 50/60Hz
Rated Power250W

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